Casual Style

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Casual Style

Women’s casual style online clothing for every day and every woman. Affordable and comfortable for our climate and lifestyle. Plus-sizes available.

What a difference

New Living Australia is inspired by the unique style of Australia. Our store reflects Australia’s beautiful natural environment, mixed cultures and friendly people. We source products from suppliers, manufacturers and craftsmen from across Australia, as well as from around the world, so our customers can find something special.

Casual comfort

Enjoy shopping in our store and browsing our wide range of lifestyle products including casual style women’s clothing. The categories include Dresses, Tops, PantsShorts, Gifts and Accessories (Shoes, Scarves, Bags and Jewellery). We like to keep things casual and comfortable so this is perfect weekend and beach wear. If you are looking for affordable gifts for family or friends there are some lovely ideas for you which are very affordable.

Our catalogue is always growing so stay in touch to hear about our new products and special offers.